The composition of cosmetic products

By definition, organic make-up includes beauty products composed exclusively of so-called “organic” ingredients, which are natural, environmentally friendly and never tested on animals. While conventional cosmetics use active ingredients, organic make-up focuses on vegetable oils, essential oils and natural colours, excluding any material that is aggressive to the skin and body or polluting to the environment. Discover : . No more silicone, paraben and other harmful flavours!

The active ingredients

The active principles or fundamental principles are chemicals of natural or chemical (artificial) origin. They are introduced into a cosmetic article in small quantities. This is called the “active part” of the cosmetic product. The ingredients have been chosen for their action on different skin types. They can have moisturizing, soothing, diminishing, etc. actions. They are classified into different categories according to the type of skin.

Choosing the right cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are women’s attractive allies. But be careful, you shouldn’t choose them anyway. It is essential to read the labels of each element to get an idea of its elements. This is one of the methods to avoid understanding or if the product is really organic. It is necessary to know that there are 3 cosmetic households on the market: organic, conventional and certified organic. About 85% of cosmetic products belong to the class.

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